Reviews and Comments


gODHEAD- Evolver (Reality Ent. 2003)

            “…the quality of the mixing and production are outstanding- 5 Stars”   Sort

           "With producers Warren Croyle and Joe Floyd  gODHEAD has taken their deep experimentation with             electronica, and very intricately melded it with the heavy, gravitational sound that really identifies             gODHEAD. Evolver captures their power. Jason Miller's vocals and melodic songwriting style are             complimented by a slamming/guitar-driven soundbed."   Oleo Review

            “…the best album I've heard this year”  



Steel Prophet - Dark Hallucinations (Nuclear Blast) 2000

        "One of the greatest metal albums of all time.."

                                                     Encyclopaedia Metallum

 Steel Prophet - Book of the Dead (Nuclear Blast) 2001

            “Stellar production..”   No Life ‘til Metal


 WWIII-  When God Turned Away (Reality Ent. 2004)

            “The production on this record is equal to one of a band that probably had 10 times the budget. Rush out             & buy this record, you will not be disappointed.. it’s superb.”   Encyclopaedia Metallum


             …"stunning release… a classic!”    Tartarean Desire


Warrior- The Wars of Gods and Men (Reality Ent.) 2002

            “Warrior takes it to the next level of the 21st century with a killer production from Joe Floyd.” 

             The Metal Observer


            “This album, perhaps more than any other, defines the current state of 80’s Metal” 

              Andy Secher, Hit Parader


            “The Wars Of Gods And Men' is Warrior as we know them; heavy as stink, and with tunes to die for! Joe              Floyd is simply a metal warrior like no others.”  Metal Metropolis


Warrior- The Code of Life  (Nuclear Blast 2004)

            “Joe's song writing captures what made this band a legend.” Progressive World




            " I cut my teeth at 'the Cloud'. The Vibes and Tones are warm and present. Some of my best work                            was done there. I always look forward to going back to a place that feels like home." 

            Roy Z— Producer


             "Recording with Joe Floyd at Silvercloud was both enjoyable and educational.  Joe has a knack                             for getting the musical ideas and tones in your head down onto tape.  Very pleased with the results." 

           John Ferrante— FPE


             " Joe Floyd is an insane wizard in the studio"

            Warren Croyle— Producer/ engineer...Gwar, Overdose, TuPac Shakur


            "I believe that Joe Floyd is the best heavy metal producer on this planet.."

             Mandy Lion— WWIII


            "Thanks Joe for always making my drums sound great! I've recorded on a lot of projects, and the drums               never compare to how you can make them sound!"

             Mike D — Lambsbread      


             “This is really good shit…”  A Reasonable Guide to Horrible Noise