'68 Marshall "Super Bass" 100w

Stock Marshall plexi—  classic rock sound

'71 Marshall "Super Lead" 100w

Modded '71 100 watt Super Lead.  

'66 Marshall JTM 45

1966 Marshall JTM 45.

'66 Park 45

1966 Park 45... great British blues tone.  

'71 Laney Klipp 100w

1971 Laney Klipp— No other amp sounds like a Klipp.  Heavy wall of doom!   

'69 Laney "Supergroup" 60w

From blues rock to thick saturation... Black Sabbath

'80 Park (Marshall) JMP2204 50w

1980 Park (Marshall) JMP 2204—last JMP before JCM 800 series. High gain with tight low end. 

'09 Diamond Amplification Spitfire II

Awesome modern high gain amp.  Gets classic hard rock and metal tones too...  

'63 AC-30 Top Boost

1963 AC-30 Top Boost — piggyback, head and speaker cabinet.  

'60 Fender Bandmaster

1960 Fender Bandmaster  3 x 10.  Rare Fender with amazing tone..

'62 Gibson GA-77RV Vanguard

1962 Gibson GA-77RV Vanguard 

'64 Sears Silvertone 1484

Silvertone 1484.  Jack White (White Stripes) uses Silvertones.

'83 Fender Super Champ

Paul Rivera designed 1983 Super Champ—  last hand wired Fender amp...

'51 Magnatone "Varsity"

This little amp really sings...

Digidesign Eleven®

Digidesign Eleven® amp modeling software for ProTools sounds very "real".