videos from albums produced and co-produced by Joe Floyd... Crank it!

gODHEAD— "Far Too Long"

The Chocolate Rockets— "It Doesn't Matter"

WARRIOR—"Mars" from the album The Wars of Gods and Men.  Music by Joe Floyd, all guitars and keys- Joe Floyd

Freakhouse— "Peel Away the Skin"

WARRIOR— "The Endless Beginning"

Hillbilly Prophet— "Listen to the Voice"

David Wayne's Metal Church— "The Choice"

Mandy Lion's WWIII— "Garden of Stone"  music and guitars by Joe Floyd

gODHEAD— "Deconstruct"

Steel Prophet— "When Six Was Nine"

Klover— "Our Way"

Mandy Lion/ WWIII— "Rise"

David Wayne's Metal Church— "Ballad for Marianne"

Soul Strip— "April Won"

Destiny's End— "Transition"

Two songs I mixed for Bruce Dickinson:

"The Magician" and "Road to Hell"