Re-amping Service...

06/21/2010 16:00

Guitar Re-amping!

Take your guitar sound to a new level!

1. If you are using Amp Farm®, a POD®, etc., upload a CLEAN direct .WAV file of your guitar performance using Megaupload or another free service.  Get good level but not over—  no compression please. 

2. Send the download link along with a sample or description of the sound you are looking for, e.g. "Alice in Chains-ish" or "Zack Wylde- style", etc                     

3. I'll send you your re-amped tracks recorded pristinely with the fattest mic pre's (such as the Chandler Germanium or Calrec/Neve 1061), mics, cabinets/ speakers and amplifiers.

Check out the samples to see what reamping can do for your guitar tracks.  

$45 per track!

2 track minimum.